Thursday, April 9, 2015

100 Places to Go and Things to Do When Out and About

Grocery Store
Farmers Market
Fire making
Searching for crayfish
Snake hunting
Sand art
Playing soccer
Roller skating
Horseback riding
Flea market
Cards night
Camp out over the weekend
Moonlight ramble
Botanical garden
Paint a landscape with an easel
Playing guitar and singing in public 
Have a yard sale
Local Museum
Art Museums/Galleries
Make a piece of furniture, a tool, a weapon, clothes (quilt, knit scarf), or a  toy
Local soccer/basketball pickup game
Walk the local boardwalk or mall and strike up friendly conversations with strangers
Go to Panera and play Settlers of Catan, or play Monopoly
Chess tournament
Renaissance Fair
Music Festival
Eat at a nice restaurant or cafe
Explore old abandoned buildings, maybe take photos
Volunteer at a soup kitchen, shelter, or animal shelter
Plant native plants that are useful for wildlife and edible/medicinal for humans in the woods
Collect edible/medicinal plants to eat or drink as herbal tea
Go deer hunting
Fly a kite
Buy flowers and give them to a stranger
Buy natural ingredients to make your own toothpaste, soap, and laundry detergent, and make them
Do situps and pushups whenever you think the word "situp" or "pushup", or think something negative about your surplus weight or lack of fitness.
Watch the sun set, write/paint/dance all night, then watch the sun rise
Write five people a letter telling them how wonderful they are, and important to you
Write a short story
Sports Game
Make a flower chain
Write a letter to yourself to be opened in five years
Listen to a podcast/audiobook while driving
Buy a freakum dress
Find someone to kiss in the rain
Girls: Buy a lot of dried nettles, and some black birch twigs, and mix them up. Then bowl a big pot and soak your hair in it every day for six months.
Order a pizza
Camp out for 7 days or longer
Donate to an important cause or charity
Donate 101 things you no longer need
Donate blood
Learn how to change a tire
Learn how to change oil
Take a self-defense course, and clip mace to your belt
See a famous landmark you've never seen
Make a flower chain, and give it to someone who looks your age
Go to a Drive-in Movie
Build a snowman
Build a gingerbread house
Build a fort
Have your eyebrows shaped professionally
Go bowling
Make a tasty snack
Take a sketchbook to a public place and draw
Buy a hand-crank washing machine or sewing machine to replace your current one
Install/buy solar panels
Bike around
Make a mix CD for someone, or for yourself
Design, cut out, sew and complete a one-of-a-kind outfit for yourself. Bonus points if you can dye it, weave it, spin it, or otherwise make it yourself even more.
Send a postcard
Videotape a cover of yourself singing a song
Go to a Karaoke night
Bat your eyes and smile at someone
Get your hair cut/styled
Learn to drive a motorcycle/boat/plane
Collect acorns, soak them in the stream, collect clover flowers and dry them, then make flower and use to make pancakes
Try pot, or alcohol, for the first time. Make it the last.
Go to a Zumba class
Find an unskilled job in your area, find a homeless man, offer to take him out to lunch, offer him the job, then offer him clean clothes to wear to the interview and whatever else he might need.
Throw pebbles at someone's window to get their attention at 11 o'clock at night, and then serenade them with a medieval-style ballad.
See a play
Become CPR certified
Take a Wilderness EMT Course
Rope swing into water
Learn sign language
Make a homemade pizza
Attend a poetry reading
Visit a butterfly garden
Ride a hot air balloon
Make candles at home
Make homemade soap
Go indoor rock climbing
Take a weeklong boating trip
Ride a horse
Go bungee jumping
Go to a roller coaster park
Buy a lottery ticket
Bake bread from scratch
Attend an ethnic festival
Identify 100 things that make you happy, and photograph them
Climb a tree
Live in an artists' retreat
Go mudding
Go off-roading in the country
Join a cattle drive
See a ballet performance
See a parade
Sing karaoke at a bar