Friday, August 4, 2017

Why is no one talking about how fake Peter Kraus is on the bachelorette?

So far, the majority of fans seem to be all aboard the Peter train.

But his behavior just screams something different. The way he talks, the way he looks at Rachel, the doubts he expresses-- it's like inside his head he's thinking, (Wow, this girl is beautiful and perfect and intelligent and smart, and my friends like her and she ticks all the boxes for me. But deep down... I'm just not in love with her. I'm not ready to marry her; I'm not actually so sure she's the one. I'd certainly date her though and give it a shot?)

Lest we forget, Peter wrote in his high school yearbook that his goal was to get famous in some way and be on the Bachelor. Getting to the top three of the Bachelorette and being a fan favorite but getting rejected in the end sure is in fact the perfect (and perhaps the only) way to attain that goal. Interesting... is he truly on the show for Rachel?

 And Peter does want to be rejected on some level (or at least he doesn't want to end up stuck proposing to or marrying the girl, ruining his chances of being Bachelor); the way he speaks to Rachel is the way guys who just aren't feeling it speak everywhere. When she tells him she really likes him, and he says "yeah, I could kinda tell", when he tells his friend "I like Rachel" in such a casual, off-hand manner. He enjoys making out with her, but he isn't truly himself around her. His friends describe him as "goofy" and Rachel admits that she hadn't really seen that side of him yet. How can she decide this guy-- who she still doesn't really know all that well at all-- is the one to spend the rest of her life with? Their relationship is a far cry from previous successful Bachelor nation couples like Sean & Catherine Lowe and Evan & Carly, who were filmed joking around and be goofy together on numerous occasions.

So Peter doesn't act fully like himself, he doesn't seem to really laugh and have fun around Rachel and on the bachelorette. Also he is a male model-- perhaps not the profession that would make a good match for an intelligent career woman like Rachel. But definitely a profession conducive to being famous, which again was Peter's goal at age 18.

Finally, fans seem to be seduced by the setup of the show: dozens of men vying for the love of a beautiful and accomplished woman. How could they not all fall madly in love with her? Well, love works in mysterious ways and not everyone on the show is going to fall in love with Rachel. Will is a primary example. And Peter Is. Just. Not. That. Into. Her. You can see it in the way he talks, walks, and interacts with her-- he loves her, sure,  he might be attracted to her, but she is not his "One". He admitted to breaking up with an ex whom he truly loved just because he didn't feel that she was the one. And his own mother said he wasn't necessarily emotionally ready for marriage.

The Bachelor/Bachelorette attracts a lot of people who are desperate for love, but Peter is not. He seems the opposite of desperate. He may be playing the long game, the waiting game, with his eye on the prize: being on the Bachelor.