Monday, March 28, 2011

Top Ten Funny Youtube Videos

1. Gangnam Style

2. Charlie Bit Me

3. Evolution of Dance

4. Hahaha

5. Pinky the Cat

6. Gabriel Iglesias "The Crocodile Hunter" and "Chocolate Cake Made Me Late"

7. Pwned by the owner-- never steal a hacker's computer

8. Charlie the Unicorn

9. Potter Puppet Pals

10. I Would Like To Buy A Hamburger

How to Hack a Mac or How to Disable Parental Controls on a Macintosh

WARNING: this article was originally posted in 2011. The hack mentioned here may not work for newer computer models from 2013 or 2014, and I can't be responsible for what happens if you try it. That said, if you still have an old clunker like I do, feel free to hack away!

You will need:
A macintosh computer

Step 1: Turn off the computer by holding down on the power button
Step 2: Press the power button to turn it on again
Step 3: Hold apple + s down after you hear the chime
Step 4: When you get text prompt (a lot of writing on a black screen) type in the following (hitting return after each line):
mount -uw /
rm /var/db/.AppleSetupDone
shutdown -h now
This fools your computer into thinking this is the first time you've ever created an account.
Step 5: Your computer will turn off and then start up and you'll have to go through the process for creating a new account. Click "Do not transfer my data" and fill in all the questions that you have to fill in like your name, address, and new password. Do not create a new Mac ID. When you're done, your computer should shut down.
Step 6: Turn it on again and log in as your new account. This account should automatically be an administer account, so click the apple on the gray bar at the top of your computer and select System Preferences.
Step 7: When you've gotten to system preferences, click on the accounts button (two black silhouettes of the head and shoulders of a person). 
Step 8: Click the lock in the bottom left to make changes and type in your password.

 Hacking someone else's account

If you want to hack into someone else's account on that computer, click their account from the list of accounts on the column to the left. Where it says username and password, the password should be all bullets. Delete their password and in the confirm password box delete their password again. Next type in your own password that only you know.  Click the red X button in the top left to X out of system preferences and then click the apple and select "log out" to log out of your newly created administrator account. Log into the account whose password you changed, and for the password use the new password. You have now hacked their account and can log into it using the password you changed their password to any time you want.

Disabling/Changing Parental Controls

Step 9: There should be a column with a list of accounts on your computer. Click on the previous administrator account (your parent's account). 
Step 10: There should be a check-box that says "Enable parental controls". Uncheck this box.
Step 11: If you want to, put parental controls on another person's account on the same mac by clicking your account and checking "Enable parental controls", then exploring your possibilities by clicking on various parental control options.

Good luck!